14 - 15 August, 2018 | Sir Stamford Circular Quay, Sydney

Matt Wegner

Global Head of Partner Payments
Uber Technologies Inc., USA

7:00 AM Implementing Emerging Payment Technology to Innovate your Business Proposition

The payments scene is a rapidly evolving area with new methods and platforms to pay which continues to innovate with the customer experience. It is no longer acceptable to pay using just traditional methods; there are expectations for more speed, convenience and options for the globalised world and emerging payment technologies are being developed to keep up with these demands. Learn how to stay ahead of competitors by leveraging new technology and implementing strategies that are the most in line with what customers want and how to find that in a market that is so crowded.  The future of payments is now so see how your business can join the evolution.
  • Expanding the ecommerce experience over multiple platforms
  • Shaping frictionless experiences in evolving environments
  • Maintaining high customer satisfaction
  • Leveraging new technology to create personalised experiences
Facilitator: Matt Wegner, Global Head of Partner Payments, Uber Technologies Inc. USA

9:20 AM Case Study: How Uber Designed a Flexible and Instant Payment Experience for Drivers and Why it Has Become the Key to Marketplace Supply and Loyalty

Most of us are familiar with the “magical” frictionless experience as an Uber rider that propelled the rideshare platform to mind boggling numbers with 75M riders taking more than 10 million rides per day in 70+ countries (5B+ trips since inception) and is still growing. Uber has also applied the same disruptive thinking to innovate the mobile payment experience for drivers too. Millions of Uber drivers experience their own “magic” by determining when and how frequently they are paid. From their mobile device, drivers across the globe can click a button and within seconds, buy gas and groceries or withdraw funds from an ATM.

In this Session …

  • Highlight how Uber removed friction from the traditional transportation and payments industry.
  • Use debit cards in a way they were not originally intended to unlock an innovation that has application across many industries.
  • Demonstrate Carbon, Uber’s new interface for driver earnings and payments.
  • Expanding the payment experience globally despite complexity … 70 countries, 60 currencies, evolving regulation, different cultures and a growing expectation for frictionless and instant

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