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Harnessing new technology to innovative payments models

In this article from Payments Innovation 2016 Hass McCook, Chartered Engineer and Oxford MBA in Strategy & Innovation, explores what the rise of new technologies – like blockchain – will mean for the payments sector and how banks and financial institutions can leverage partnerships with new market entrants, in order to revolutionise payments models to remain relevant in a disrupted world.

The NPP: one step closer to real-time payments in Australia

In this article from Payments Innovation 2016 Paul Lahiff, Chair of the New Payments Platform (NPP), explores where the NPP is currently at and what the roll-out of the new platform will mean for banks, retailers and consumers.


Moving Payments across Social Media Platforms and its Impact on Consumers

In this past presentation from Payments Innovation 2016 Peter Harkin, Chief Financial Officer at fastacash explores:

  • The concept of Social Payments across various social platforms and messaging channels
  • Your consumers are socially enabled - why it is imperative to meet their needs there
  • How Fastacash brings your consumers' payments to social

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s Strategic Review of Innovation in the Payments System

In this past presentation from Payments Innovation 2016 Tony Richards, Head of Payments Policy at the Reserve Bank of Australia explores:

  • The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), through the Payment System Board, is responsible for promoting efficiency and competition in the payments system. With advancements in technology, this landscape has been evolving. This session will explore some current issues faced in the Australian payments system.

Going boldly: setting a course for the future

In this past presentation from Payments Innovation 2016 Steve Wiggins, Chief Executive at Payments NZ explores:

  • Payment System Mandate
  • Payments Direction deliverables including environmental scan Our future view of New Zealand’s payment ecosystem in 2025 and a strategic roadmap for Payments NZ
  • Key factors likely to shape the future

The Next Generation of Payment System for Australia

In this past presentation from Payments Innovation 2016 John Banfield, CEO, The BPAY Group explores:

  • It is the industry’s response to the reserve Bank of Australia 2012 strategic objectives for Australian payment.
  • BPAY was selected to offer the first service on theplatform – known as the Initial Convenience Service(ICS)
  • What will the ICS deliver for consumer, Government and business?

Leading collaborative innovation through a national centre of excellence

In this past presentation from Payments Innovation 2016 John Moss, National Manager of Intelligence, Australian Transaction Reports & Analysis Centre explores:

  • Working in partnership with the financial community to enable and balance innovation with an environment of enhanced consumer trust and confidence
  • Developing fit-for-purpose capabilities in collaboration with partners to bring government agency personnel and relevant industry personnel together
  • Enabling an environment of enhanced intelligence, information and knowledge sharing nationally and internationally
  • Building an adaptive and innovative organisation in a world of disruption

Case Studies

The future of payments: a New Zealand/Australia comparison

In this article from Payments Innovation 2016 Steve Wiggins, Chief Executive at Payments New Zealand, shares his assessment of the future view of payments in New Zealand and how the Australian landscape compares. His observations come off the back of a recent year long program, Payments Direction, by Payments NZ to uncover the major forces that will shape the NZ payments ecosystem of 2025.

Exclusive Content

A new wave of payments innovation: how the NPP is set to shake up the Australian Financial Services industry

In this article, Adrian Lovney, CEO of the NPP explores how the new platform will impact banks, merchants and retailers from a CX and operational point of view and the plans and prospects for the overlay services now and in the future.

Simplifying and enhancing the customer experience through payments innovation: Insights from ANZ, Samsung Pay and the NPP

In this eBook, Jo Spencer, Head of Technology, Strategy and Architecture – Payments at ANZ, Mark Hodgson Head of Product and Services at Samsung Pay Australia and Adrian Lovney, CEO of the NPP, explore how to harness new technology platforms to ensure innovation in payments, including how:

  • ANZ is re-inventing banking services by placing an organisation-wide emphasis on CX
  • Samsung is building a digital wallet through strategic partnerships
  • Banks, retailers and merchants can prepare for the NPP and capitalise on the opportunities it provides

MainStream Media

SWIFT launches 1st phase of payments innovation

SWIFT, a global provider of secure financial messaging services, has completed the first phase of the global payments innovation (gpi) initiative pilot, clearing the way for the go-live of the service in early 2017.

During the pilot, 15 global banks representing more than 30 per cent of cross-border payments successfully tested the design and core functions of the gpi, while in parallel, ten additional global banks started to prepare for the service’s launch.

Australian businesses to get Square with contactless payments

California-based mobile payments processing firm Square has launched its Bluetooth Low Energy contactless payments reader in Australia.

The new near-field communication (NFC)-enabled device allows users to pair their smartphone over BLE to accept payments via tap-and-go or by inserting a customer's card into the chip reader.

National Media

Australians call for banking efficiency and security

The 2016 World Payments Report shows that digital banking and non-cash transactions are on the rise in Australia, but consumers are now calling for heightened efficiency measures and security procedures as technology pushes banking to a new stage.


Real-time payements: leveraging the future of payments for customer innovation

While the concept of real time isn’t new when transferring funds within the same financial institution, real time payment systems allow customers to send and receive funds to anyone in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Investment in real time payments is an evolution of the near real time model for cards-based payments, which currently delivers same day settlement for merchants. However, real time payments are not just about speed – the ability to provide detailed information with the transaction also makes payments more useful, particularly for businesses.

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