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5 examples of companies succeeding in Payments Innovation

This article explores 5 examples of organisations that are revolutionising their payments models to provide a seamless customer experience and remain relevant in an increasingly changing landscape

From transactional to magical: how Uber has redefined the payments experience through the customer-lens

In this case study, Matt Wegner, Global Head of Partner Payments at Uber Technologies (USA) explores how banks and financial services institutions can successfully leverage new technologies and implement payments strategies that are in line with customer needs.

How Australia Post is using omni-channel solutions to create a unique e-commerce experience

In this Q&A, Deanne Keetelar, General Manager of Payments and Financial Services at Australia Post provides a glimpse into how Australia Post is developing seamless end-to-end e-commerce experiences in-store and online and the strategies they are using to optimise the consumer experience through providing payment choices to suit all consumer...

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Real-time payements: leveraging the future of payments for customer innovation

While the concept of real time isn’t new when transferring funds within the same financial institution, real time payment systems allow customers to send and receive funds to anyone in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Investment in real time payments is an evolution of the...

A new wave of payments innovation: how the NPP is set to shake up the Australian Financial Services industry

In this article, Adrian Lovney, CEO of the NPP explores how the new platform will impact banks, merchants and retailers from a CX and operational point of view and the plans and prospects for the overlay services now and in the future.

Simplifying and enhancing the customer experience through payments innovation: Insights from ANZ, Samsung Pay and the NPP

In this eBook, Jo Spencer, Head of Technology, Strategy and Architecture – Payments at ANZ, Mark Hodgson Head of Product and Services at Samsung Pay Australia and Adrian Lovney, CEO of the NPP, explore how to harness new technology platforms to ensure innovation in payments, including how:ANZ is re-inventing banking...

Leveraging the App Economy For Growth

While more than 90 billion apps were downloaded in 2016, more than 75% of apps are opened just once. With the emergence of the app economy, businesses need to think beyond simply having an app, but instead need to think about driving greater engagement across their channels. The expectation is...

How Is Alipay Driving Cross Border Transactions Whilst Benefitting Local Merchants

According to Tourism Australia, Chinese tourists spend about $8000 on average per person during each visit. The growing demand for Australian-made goods from Chinese consumers is fuelling the expansion of Alipay, a mobile payments platform to Australia. To cater for this market, Alipay has established an embedded POS payment method...

PSD2 and Open Banking – Making Banks Dance to Customer and Disruption Agendas

2018 is set to be a game-changing year for banks, digital service providers and customer expectations. As PSD2 (revised Payment Service Directive) is adopted in Europe and the Open Banking initiative takes off in the UK, banks’ interaction with their customers is under threat and the demand for real-time information...

Top 10 Trends in Payments in 2018: What you need to Know

This whitepaper analyses the top 10 trends expected to affect payments' industry dynamics as well as stakeholder strategies in the coming year


New Payments Platform:The industry approach to minimising real-time payments fraud

This paper by the NPP and KPMG considers the fraud risk, and the potential impact to fraud risk, of real-time payments.

Encouraging Innovation in Payments through the PSD2 Initiative

Revised Directive on Payments Services (PSD2) is primarily aimed at bringing new, online modes of payments initiation under payments regulations.

The New Payments Platform: Opportunities for Australian Consumers, Businesses and Payments Providers

This paper by the NPP and A.T Kearney explores how the NPP is set to transform the Payments industry in 2018 and beyond.