14 - 15 August, 2018 | Sir Stamford Circular Quay, Sydney


Workshop A - Breakfast Briefing Workshop: 14th August, 2018

7:00 am - 9:00 am Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Your Business Model to Make Smarter Payment Options

Artificial intelligence is becoming more prevalent in the field of payments innovation as the rise of technology is making it smarter and more applicable in our day to day lives. Our lives continue to become more integrated with the digital world and that is spurred by AI as our everyday items are more artificially intelligent and the ability to pay from anywhere any time will be more universal.


  • Leveraging artificial intelligence to evolve payments technology and make it more efficient
  • Reducing security concerns by using fraud prevention and detection with AI
  • Establishing a more personalised payment experience through the incorporation of AI
  • Implementing AI to develop more cost effective strategies for businesses

Workshop B - Breakfast Briefing Workshop: 15th August, 2018

7:00 am - 9:00 am Leveraging the Digital Identity For a Customer Centric Service Delivery while Overcoming Security Concerns

The digital identity is becoming more prevalent in today’s society as payments become more frictionless combined with new technology to facilitate this integration. However, this new technology comes with a cost as cyber and security threats threaten privacy and identity. Digital identity is the core of verification and authentication and companies must innovate to take control of this opportunity.


  • Learn about successful implementation of digital identity to streamline processes
  • Discuss the opportunities and challenges that surround security and privacy in digital identity and payments
  • Gain insight into how to ensure authentication and safety to protect consumers and assets
  • Understand how to maximise the benefits of a digital identity for your business and roadmap for the future